Strings replacement with Vim

Replace a pattern within a lonely document

1,$ s/duck/fish/g

1 Position of first character in the text that you want to search to replace
$ End of document
s Search
/ chains separators
g Global Replace all ocurrences automatically

Replace a pattern along multiples files

Select Files.
:args directory/*/*.html

Execute the replace
:argdo %s/regexSearched/String Replace/ge | update

Drupal Commerce.Configure multiple VAT

One week ago i began a new project in Drupal ,a medical online shop. My first choice was Ubercart solution, this is an stable e-commerce solution.
I was testing with Ubercart at first but i had a problem with multiple VAT configuration.
I was looking for a solution and i found one in
I didn't get on to solve my problem with this article, but it gave me a good track.

This is my solution:

SEO in Drupal

Search Engine Optimization.
Really SEO isn't a trivial task, when we are developing a web project in Drupal, we can use modules like:



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