Learning Drupal

Drupal Concept and templates.

The goal of this documents is to explain how can we implement a simple module in Drupal CMS.

First at all we'll draw a simple diagram with Drupal Elements and cmcepts.

Logical layers or conceptual ideas.

We want to represent content.
We want to design how this content is shown.
We want to determine who can add,read and modify this content.
We need to link this content with our system.

Design Layer.

We need to define CRUD operation for our content.
f we want to add or modify existing content we will need a form to input data.
If we also have a minimal business layer, we'll need filtering and processing the information before make it persistent in our database.

But how can implement this in Drupal ?

We need at least three files:


And sometimes we also use extra files like mymodule_des.inc to add features without recharge our main files.

We write extra code only for those extra fields that we can add to our content. Node by default contains title and body field and more extra information about version,revision and language system.
These fields will be stored in a specific table within database system.