Install packages on unsupported Ubuntu Versions 404 Not Found ...
Probabily you're using an older version of Ubuntu. The best solution but not the cheaper one is upgrade your Operating System , but you can continue using 'older repositories'

Backup your /etc/apt/sources.list
Delete it and write the next sources on it:

sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list


Migrate putty configuration

Sometimes we must change our PC but We don't loose Putty information of session servers,...
Putty stores its data in regedit.
A essay way of esport this data throught a reg file is this:
regedit /e "putty.reg" HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SimonTatham

Move it to the new machine and import this registry keys.

Low-Level Clear Drupal Caches

When we have been clearing the Drupal cache for several times, We can try with more drastical methods.
This's a database script to clear the cache phisically from SQL.

use dbdrupaltest;
truncate `cache`;
truncate cache_block;
truncate cache_bootstrap;
truncate cache_field;
truncate cache_filter;
truncate cache_form;
truncate cache_image;
truncate cache_menu;
truncate cache_page;
truncate cache_path;
truncate cache_views;
truncate cache_views_data;
truncate ctools_css_cache;

Configuring GitLab

One week ago I have installed a GitLab repositoy git based in a CentOS 7 Linux Distribution.
At first all are all right. Except if you are using a proxy , please don't configure it as IP:port because it can generate serious problems with reconfiure options. You must establish http_proxy variable as IP without :port.

Ok. When I got configure the environment, I installed a git client in a Windows 7 client and I did my firsts commits.

But this proccess failed when i try to upload my files to repository from linux clients.

Change Views Style

Sometimes we need to change the visual way of a view in Drupal.
It's a very easy question if you know how the css styles works.
You have to access to edit mode of your view and modify the Basic Setting --> CSS Class param setting the custom class which will be place in our style.css file.
For example gridCustomStyle
In our . css file we will create a class
.gridCustomStyle {
# Define custom properties

Learning Drupal

Drupal Concept and templates.

The goal of this documents is to explain how can we implement a simple module in Drupal CMS.

First at all we'll draw a simple diagram with Drupal Elements and cmcepts.

Logical layers or conceptual ideas.

We want to represent content.
We want to design how this content is shown.
We want to determine who can add,read and modify this content.
We need to link this content with our system.

Design Layer.

A new Drupal project Meeting Manager

I am developing a new Drupal module called Meeting Manager. It is a first module of a collection of Intranet modules.
Meeting manager manages meetings and room resources, members documents, templates ,....

First of all i catch my note and pencil to make the first model. It give me an idea of how can i organize my custom content types anfd files for my module.

Meeting Manager must match with the next functionality:


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